DOD CAF Pending


It’s hard to believe that you received an interim after the amount of time!


I’m not understanding it myself. I was told that it should go straight to secret, but at this point I’m happy with that.


I say you have another 6 months left from (Aug 24th) so maybe another 3. I received my final adjudication for my TS after my investigator interview. Good Luck!


I was put in for a TS/SCI and my company decided not to pursue. I held a Top Secret which was re-adjudicated (5 year) in May 2016 favorable. Last check as to active status was June 2017 by my previous FSO. Now I have no access as my TS is back in adjudication after the TS/SCI submission. It has been assigned an adjudicator in CAF (DoD) in the past 30 days. Anyone have any insights on what is going on and why my TS was compromised? I am hoping i will hear from the adjudicator or DOHA soon. I never received any emals, phone calls from either my FAO or DoD since my May 2016 TS was granted so we all thought everything was good until I recently needed access to a facility and JPAS said no access.


That sucks. Do you know exactly what it is saying in JPAS right now? Could it be an incident report or something to do with the whole “Continuous Evaluation” program that they have been implementing? Also, how ddi you find out it is at DODCAF now and has been assigned an adjudicator?


I found out it has been assigned a CAF adjudicator by my company’s FSO. The FSO has been helpful at least in pushing a resolution. The FSO showed me my status in JPAS. Nothing to do with an incident just the most recent entry of No Determination Made on the TS-SCI and below that the TS granted and favorable.Hoping that the current newly assigned adjudicator will be contacting me soon to clear up what ever the issue is but in the meantime JPAS states me with no access with a side note of adjudication in progress.


My FSO told me all they could see was that my investigation was closed. I had to call DMDC or OPM (can’t remember which) to find out that DoDCAF didn’t get my case until 5 days after it closed, and no one seems to know if an adjudicator has been assigned to it or if it’s just sitting somewhere.


I have an adjudicator assigned now. JVS portal (in JPAS) states “In Progress”. My FSO confirmed this. So a matter of time to be resolved I hope. I also submitted a FOIA to see what the heck is going on. These take up to 30 business days. They say a TS/SCI does not disrupt your TS but I am not sure about that one.


My FOIA took 45 days to receive. There’s no guarantee as far as I can tell on delivery w/i 30d


No guarantees is right.


Seems like you’ve got an engaged FSO which is helpful. Even though the latest numbers from DoDCAF show quick adjudication times, I spoke with an FSO today who said that DODCAF has a backlog currently and things are taking longer than normal. Hopefully you get some answers soon.


Keep in mind that when CAF provides averages for adjudication time, they report the time starting when the file is assigned to an adjudicator not starting when the file is sent to CAF. So, if a file sits for three month before being assigned and then closes 30 days later, they report 30 days, not 120.


Have you seen this on an official site? Not saying you’re wrong, just wondering what the source is. I’ve tried finding the answer to the question about when the clock starts for DoDCAF specifically but haven’t had any luck yet.


I can’t say that I have seen anything official. I’m basing it off a number of different things that I have read here and elsewhere, the numbers and dates I see here and elsewhere and a basic understanding of how administrative people work to make their numbers look good.


Got it. I get the impression that is how they do it as well, just wondering if someone had actually been able to find it in writing anywhere. Regardless of how they calculate it they should be more transparent about it. There’s no reason it should be so hard to find basic info about the process like that.