DoDCAF / DOHA adjudication deadline

It is said that adjudications are required to be completed within 90 days of the closed investigation. Once the case is moved to DOHA, do DOHA adjudicators also have a requirement to make the decision in 90 days? Well, we all know only the hardest cases will be moved to DOHA.

My case has been in DOHA for almost 5 months, but still heard nothing.

Timelines published are for initial adjudication by the agency requesting the investigation. DOHA is for appeals and work the caseload according to when filed.

It seems to be more of guideline than a hard rule. Plus we really don’t know when that clock starts. So DOHA has even less of a time constraint.

Clearance2011 – I wanted to share my story. I submitted my EQIP in August 2015 and met with an investigator in October 2015. I was denied an interim. I was also told that my investigation was completed in November 2015. In June of 2017 I received an SOR from DOHA. This was for a DOD Secret clearance. So I’m not sure how long my case was with DOHA but there was a big gap in there from when my investigation was completed and I heard anything from anyone, about 18 months. Be prepared for a wait and don’t expect any specific timeframes. Like others have mentioned, every case is different and the exact time your case will take is truly unknown.
-Also, once I finally was contacted about the SOR, my clearance was granted fairly quickly after that, once I addressed the concerns addressed in the SOR.