How long could DOD CAF investigation take?

Any idea how long it could take for a DOD CAF adjudication? The situation was that a Secret document was found in a non-secure location in the work area and there was no secure place to store it, and no way to shred it. The offence was that the document was taken home and shredded at home, and this was first reported about six weeks later. The original clearance was TS/SCI. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

DoD CAF is now DOD CAS (Consolidated Adjudication Services) Once your investigation is CLOSED it heads to DOD CAS. If DOD CAS has a question, it will be sent back to the investigation agency, usually DCSA, for re-open and re-work on the investigation. DOD CAS does not conduct investigations. From when your investigation is marked closed, and sent to adjudications and then a decision is rendered, is usually around 30 days in my experience with DOD CAS.

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Thanks for the info. Any idea on how long the DCSA investigation might take? The person has no history of any other adjudicative issues.

Best information is hurry up and wait. TS average time from submission of E-QIP until it hits adjudication is around 90-120 days.