Security clearance clarification

Hello all,
I have a question. I’m a military veteran that’s undergone 2 clearance investigations and have been granted both times for a secret. I just recently started working federal government 4 months ago and for some reason they deactivated My last clearance that was granted to me in 2012. So I’m going through the process again for a secret. Now the investigator asked me questions all the back to 2000. So I asked was it for a secret or TS. He said a secret… so I’m already confused. He asked me about a federal debt that was 7k. I explained to them I didn’t know anything about it. Mind you I filled out my sf86 in November. After further investigation of that debt it turned out to be valid. So i got grilled about why ididn’t put it on my sf86. Well or wasn’t reported on my credit until december 2016. I had already filled out my sf 86. Long story short they closed my investigation on March 9th I get a call today saying that they are reopening the case because they found out more information… so I asked what was the information. Security told me they found out I owe a 14k federal debt. ( I know nothing about this debt and it’s not on my credit) and I got fired from 2 jobs. So now I’m looking like a liar. Now I disclosed that I was fired from a job before due to a disagreement worth my bosses boss but I have no clue what they talking about it was fired from a 2nd job. I have never had this issue before so I’m totally lost worried and confused that I won’t get a clearance now so I can keep my job. I’m not sure what to do?

When there are so many discrepancies between what you listed on the current application and the investigative results it characterizes the case as having major issues, thus requiring follow-up on gathering more information in order to resolve those discrepancies. The questions are pretty clear about employment- sounds like you flubbed your answer. You should probably start gathering information about these debts, get a copy of the SF-86 you submitted from the security official you submitted it to, and prepare to answer a statement of reasons (SOR) on the discrepancies.

Ok. Thank you. I just recently got more information from security. About this second firing. Good thing I keep my emails. I actually have proof that I provided 2 weeks notice becuase of a new job offer and left on good terms. So I’m cleared on that. I will call about the debts though to hey more information. Thank you

This is an old thread but may be helpful nonetheless. Retaliatory behavior by supervisors is more common than you think. Investigators know this, and will ask you to provide a reference who can back your story up.

I had a former employer accuse me of not giving two weeks notice (I gave two weeks notice, however my manager “decided” my last day would be one week away instead). I was also accused of missing daily scrum calls. Complete fabrication. I had two co-workers who were familiar back me up and the issue was cleared up.