Discrepancies with employment history


I’m trying to be a NAVY officer. I met with an interviewer today and we found some discrepancies regarding my employment history. The last year I worked at a different job and was unemployed not long after. But on my SF86, it’s listed that I still work for my old company (from where I was terminated from)

I could have sworn that I entered the most recent info on my sf86 with all honesty. I have nothing to hide.

No other criminal/drug record. Never been arrested. I owed $400 that went to collections 5 years ago that was immediately paid (me and mom co signed car, i gave her the money and she didn’t pay)

Will discrepancies like this, currently unemployment, and minor debt to collection agency enough to prevent me from getting a secret clearance?


Please help

Here is what it sounds like from your scenario:

Your employment history showed that you were still working for an employer that you had been terminated from. Did you fill out the SF-86 while still employed there? If not, did you disclose this terminated and the reasons somewhere else on the SF-86? If not then it lends to the appearance of withholding or not disclosing derogatory information and could be viewed as a serious issue. If you were candid and up front during your interview then it could be mitigated if no other issues are present.

thank you for the quick and helpful reply.


I never intended to hide anything. I myself was surprised when I found out that my sf86 did not contain my most recent employer. I could have sworn that I filled it out. Maybe systems error.

Now I’m worried that they may see me as dishonest and withheld information…which isn’t my intention.

I currently live with my mother in-law and her mother and she’s helping me and my wife and child with bills. wife works full time. I’m unemployed but watch my son and take care of my grandmother in-law (alzheimer) during the day. In return mother-in-law gives me some cash weekly to help pay my bills.

would my situation prevent me from getting a clearance?

investigator also asked me about my current bills…I told her car, phone, and insurance. but I forgot to mention my creditcard and gym membership. should I call her back and tell her about the creditcard and other petty bills that I’m paying also?



You do not need to provide a financial accountability report unless your are delinquent on debts and need to show income versus liabilities. If you were up front about the employment termination during your security interview then you have done all you can do on that front. If it is a major issue then you will be issues an letter of interrogatory and have a chance to present your side of the story.