Previous Employer problems

I have a current Secret clearance with my employer of one year, and they have asked me to fill out the SF-86 and go through the SSBI. I left a different employer 2 years ago under not good conditions. My supervisor and I did not like each other, and near the end of my time there I was asked to leave my department and take other positions I did not want. I chose to “terminate” my position with them first, but it was clear that I could not stay in the current job and would likely be terminated if I did not leave the supervisor’s department. I never got a written performance appraisal from them, and I kept substantial email traffic from my peers to bolster my performance efforts there. Anyway, I am not sure how to answer the questions on the employment. When I called the company HR person, they indicated they only provide limited information (such as dates of employment, but nothing else). However, it appears the SSBI investigator interviews previous employers, so perhaps my circumstance will become a matter of interest. Just looking for some guidance on this. Will disclosing this information cause me to not get the upgraded clearance; is it likely they will find this information no matter what; should I disclose all just to be safe?

Look at this way: One employment issue will not be cause to deny anyone a clearance unless there was serious misconduct involved. The appearance of being less than candid or forthright about the circumstances of the employment in question can result in a clearance denial. Although you say you were not terminated but rather just quit, you left that employment due to problems, which is required to be listed. Easy choice to make.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that the need to report a voluntary separation stemming from a personality conflict with a supervisor does not apply to the most recent version of the SF-86. Such a situation would definitely be reportable, however, on the previous version of the SF-86 which utilized the catch-all " unfavorable circumstances" language that OPM has since removed.

An OF-306 is also submitted and asks if you left employment under a mutual agreement due to specific problems. If there is any doubt about whether it applies it is always best to disclose it and get it out there to avoid any appearance of lack of candor.