Getting a new job after submitting SF-86

I submitted my SF-86 a few months ago for Company A. I am 100% planning to take that job whenever my clearance is adjudicated. Just this week I interviewed with a separate company B whose offer I plan to take if they accept me. Company B won’t need a clearance. Will I need to resubmit my SF-86 with this new job with company B under the employment sectoin or can I just tell the investigator that I got a new job during the subject interview?

On an unrelated note, will I be looked down upon if I’m only a few months into working for company B and an investigator interviews my coworkers and boss about me for my clearance? Does anyone have any personal experience with an awkward situation like that? Thanks.

Of course. How will you explain your are attempting to obtain a clearance for another job, while you already have a job?

It just seems kinda dumb that I can’t advance my career in case the clearance doesn’t go through or takes a very long time. I’m stuck in a shitty situation because I’m trying to leave a contractor position currently that has no benefits and move on to a permanent position with benefits, and this long and opaque clearance process doesn’t even allow me that.

You don’t need to resubmit your SF-86 because you began working for company B. Just make sure you know/have the information when you go to your interview— address of the company, address where you work, name and contact info for your supervisor, etc.

As far as quitting company B when you get your clearance and want to start working for company A, IMO you don’t owe them anything. Go rent the movie Up in the Air and see how you will likely be treated if the company decides they don’t need you for whatever reason— you will likely be handed a cardboard box and be escorted to your desk with a security guard to clean it out, and then you will be escorted to the front door. Have had this happen to several friends who were let go from various companies as a result of “cutbacks” (no fault of their own). One said it was like the week before Thanksgiving at a turkey farm— none of them knew who would be next and who would survive. Business is business.

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Maybe I misinterpreted what you wrote. Only company B will have the issue. As the other posted said, you dont owe them anything. Company A should have no problem.

I did exactly this. I had already been denied and my appeal was under consideration when I accepted the new job. Depending on where you are in the process, they may not interview anyone at your current position. Even so, you simply tell them that this process was started before you applied for their position and you are allowing it to continue to completion. You don’t have to tell them that you will leave if you get cleared.

Thanks for the replies guys. I guess I’ll just ride it out with company B and leave when my clearance is done. I don’t owe big companies anything. But @EdFarmerIII if I don’t have to tell the company that I’ll leave if i get cleared, what if they explicitly ask me about it? Should I be honest and say that I would leave, but that it could take a very long time?

Tell them whatever you want . . . You’re keeping options open, you started the process and just want to see it to completion. Whatever . . . For the most part, they won’t really care.

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