Got a new offer after submitting my SF-86. I want to continue with my investigations but also want to take this new offer. What should I do?

Hi, i am in a bit of delima. I got a CJO with a 3 letter agency that requires TS/SCI with poly. I completed my SF-86 3 weeks ago. My credit was pulled literally 2 days after submitting SF-86 but no further investigation has started.

And this week, I got another offer. The new offer is perfect. If I did not receive CJO from the 3 letter agency, this new offer was almost close to my dream job. However, i do still want to take the 3 letter agency job. But, who knows how long the clearance is going to take. I haven’t even had my fingerprints yet. And i am miserable at my current job. So, i definitely want to take the new offer.

I don’t want to tell my new company that i have a CJO with 3 letter agency cause its too soon and i am not even sure if i will even get it.

My main concern is when my investigator interviews my manager from new job. I am concerned I might burn bridges with this new company, end up getting fired, and not even have clearance at the end and become unemployed ( although i have absolutely no red flags except for being born in a friendly foreign nation and having foreign grandparents).

When should I report this new job to the 3 letter agency? Should I let my 3 letter agency’s recruiter know or wait until my interview with FSO?

Also any suggestions on what’s best to do in this situation would be highly appreciated.

Thank you!