Starting a new job after Subject Interview. Is it a good idea?

I got a CJO offer from 3 letter agency in July that requires TS/SCI with FS poly. My investigation is moving pretty fast. My credit was pulled after a week of submitting my e-Quip and my Subject Interview was a month after that. All my references have been checked and my investigator told me that he submitted his report around mid September.
Recently, I scheduled for poly and psych evaluation at the end of November.

I currently do have a job which i really really dislike as it’s not in my field of education and nothing makes sense (which was the first reason i started job hunting and applied to the 3 letter agency). I got another offer in my field of education (pretty much exactly what i wanna do). However, i am confused if I should take the offer.

If clearance was guaranteed, I would suffer at my current job for some months. But who knows if i would get clearance at all and it clearaly mentions in the offer letter that the agency might rescind my offer at any time. Part of me says wait for the clearance. Part of me says to accept the new job as i might or might not get such opportunities in the future.

How would my new job affect my security clearance process? Should i take the offer or wait it out? Anyone experienced this before? What did you? Any advice/suggestions is highly appreciated.

P.S. I have no red flags except for being born in a friendly foreign country and some foreign contacts (relatives).

This happens fairly often, given the long time frame for the federal hiring process. Having foreign connections won’t speed things up, either :roll_eyes:

Go ahead and take the job, I say. I don’t even know if you need to reach out to HR to tell them, but it can’t hurt to try.

Take the job. Don’t stay in one you don’t like, like I did. Still waiting after 16 months…

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Has anyone here worked for TSA? Thoughts?

I took the test for TSA and I was sent a CJO along with a background packet (no clearance is needed for this position), I haven’t proceeded yet.
Will this get messy and interfere with the current clearance process, or are the two completely separate? (DCSA is the investigative agency for both).
The waiting times are so long, I was considering, in the meantime of getting a full time job. Should I look for something else non-government while I wait?
Advice is very welcomed.

Thank you!

Let the new prospective employer know If you already have another investigation started. When we catch two investigations on going at the same time, we stop everything to ask the two requesting agencies which one to continue.

A tier 1 or are normally fairly quick unless you have an issue we need to discuss. Then it would not matter the investigation type as we would normally talk to you, perhaps twice if you don’t tell us about the other investigation.

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Thank you!
I am in the adjudication process for a T5 with a different agency, and saw that TSA was hiring and no clearance needed so I thought while I wait I could do that, but I don’t want it to interfere with the T5 process. (Side note: everyone is telling me to stay away from TSA work, lol).