Got job offer, in process of getting Top Secret clearance

I got a new job that doesn’t require me to get a clearance and been with the company for a month now. I finally got a job offer that I won’t be able to start until 2024 because I will have to get my top secret clearance and I told the company that will be sponsor my clearance that I started the new job. As I am still waiting for my clearance to go through, I’m not really enjoying this new job and been on a search hunt for a better company. Now I have a job offer with CGI that will offer a DoD security clearance and the start date depends on the clearance but I will be able to get interm clearance and more money but I know the contract is up until June for this company but will that hurt me as I am getting a top secret clearance for this other job? Should I just wait?

If there is an open investigation for the TS clearance, the new company may not be able to initiate a second investigation. As a result you would need to wait until the first one completes.

At least that is typically the case, there are always exceptions.