Changing jobs during clearance process (neither job is clearance)

If I change employers while waiting for my clearance (neither job (leaving or entering) is the clearance job), will they call my new employer, and will this cause it to go back to investigation, or will it be so new it wont matter? It has been a while since I talked to the investigator so I am assuming I’m passed that stage.

like most events in the security clearance process… it depends.

If this is a Tier 5 and the ESI has not been completed - dependent on the date the ESI is completed, the new employer may or may not be contacted.

By ESI, do you mean the meeting with the investigator?

Yes - a Subject Interview.

I had that months ago, and due to silence from anyone I’ve listed and some I’ve not, it appears that phase is done.

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Question, is it absolutely necessary to let my CI agency recruiter know during the BI process that I’m changing jobs? Same as above, neither job (leaving and entering requires clearance). I just don’t want the BI to be extended even more. Plus, as you know, it’s not ideal to let your new company know that you are going through an investigation which will most likely result in you leaving that company. It’s been a year since my SF86 was sent. I’m just not sure how important this job change is for investigators. Anybody?

I didn’t tell them i changed jobs and then i informed them 6 months later when they called me asking for new references. My BI did not seem to care. However, I never changed addresses.

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You are not required to report your job changes after your Subject interview.

Thank you. By Subject interview, do you mean a PSI?

Yes, though “PSI” and “PRSI” are old terms.