Leaving Non-Clearance Employer while in BI Stage

My current employer is in the private sector. Since they found out I am going through the BI process they have been making my life a living hell. For 3 months straight they have been tearing my work apart. I have finally had enough and gave my notice today. I know this doesn’t seem good because I am in the BI process.

Need some help:
I contacted my security agent with the DoD to let them know what has happened in writing. I am wondering how else I can be proactive? Will the investigator want to know all the details and what is my best course of action to let them know this information before I am interviewed? I am just wondering if anyone with experience were in a similar situation what they would do? I may be waiting for another couple months until I get my clearance, so I need to work a temp job in the mean time. I have no other hiccups on my record, but since this is recent I feel it doesn’t look good at all. It was better to leave on my own accord then to be fired because they were looking for a reason after finding out I am trying to get government employment.

This is not worry and sadly the common work experience. Your story is not uncommon. You will have the chance to explain if the investigation requires an interview. Try to keep a couple of names and numbers for coworkers that saw what the business did to you before you left. This will help you,

Thank you for the advice. I have a solid was to present if/when the time comes. My security officer said to “disclose this information if asked”… I am expecting an interview (limited knowledge of the process). Would you suggest I disclose this information only if asked, or should I just present my case as a “I have done my homework” scenario?

Have you already had your interview with the investigator? If so, there’s nothing more you need to do. Just hang on to the contact info for this employer for your next investigation.

I know a guy who had five or six temp jobs while he was waiting to get hired with an IC agency. It happens a lot.