Current Employer (private sector) found out about clearance job

I’m really hoping you can help me. I have a unique situation, after doing some research I realize is not so unique. My current employer (private sector) found out I am in the process of seeking a clearance job and am now entered the background check stage. I believe because they have found this out that there position on my employment has changed. They are starting to nit-pick my work every day and I believe within a short amount of time will either let me go, give me an undeserved warning or worse yet, receive a questionnaire from the background check and provide answers that aren’t true to my character. I have witnesses at work of these events who are willing to support me if needed. A couple questions I could really benefit from… how common is this situation? Will this have a negative affect on me getting a clearance? What should I do to get ahead of this issue?.. I have always been an excellent employee and now the tides have turned on me. I am feeling stuck and really want this new job! I’m having bad feelings that my current employer holds too much power since the investigation is a “whole person” approach, but this is my current employer and what is currently going on in my life… PLEASE HELP!

Per my understanding the background investigators are primarily focused on confirming employment and other relatively mundane details. That said, this depends on the level of clearance you are processing for. BI’s are cognizant about these kinds of things and you’re far from the first person to be in this situation.

If any derogatory information is “discovered” you will have the chance to address it. If your employer were to be petty and make stuff up about you, refute it and as long as it’s consistent with favorable feedback from others, you should be fine.

What agency/level of clearance are you processing for? This may help us give you a more precise answer.


If you read all information pertaining to the form you completed you would most likely come across a section that explains current and former employers will be contacted. That guidance probably also includes the suggestion that you contact all involved to provide a heads up that an investigator will most likely make contact for an interview of sorts.

It is a requirement to obtain information from employers regarding employment history. That includes contacting HR for your employment record and/or interviewing two employment location sources- usually the current supervisor and a coworker, preferably a developed coworker source (someone not suggested by you but by someone else who had been interviewed).

The only way to “get ahead” is to prep sources ahead of time letting them know contact will be made. You won’t be able to manage this in any other way.

Keep in mind that your record and interview timeframe covered in the questions are from the start of your employment to present or when it terminated. Your employment standing is all inclusive, not just what the employer has done with you post form completion or interview notification.

You will need to relax and let the investigative process play out.

If your employment history has been in good standing, the employers current behavior toward you will have little reflection especially if it’s a matter of your imagination over thinking or reacting to the process.

Thanks for your help. DoD CaF/ Secrete

Get copies of every evaluation and write up, if any. If the HR rep makes up stories they need show in writing what action was taken. If they cannot produce a write up? It didn’t happen. Relax. Human nature makes us all petty at times. I would recommend sitting with your boss and talking it out…but I understand if the relationship isn’t there. Been there.

During my BI, before the actual investigation started I gave my manager a heads up that a 3 letter agency will call you asking about me. No big deal, just answer what they ask and that’s it. Turns out, he alerted his manager who alerted our Legal Department which made for uncomfortable couple of weeks for me. They were mostly concern whether I was looking for an employment with a different company while working for them. I told them not to worry, the BI is going to take a very long time and it’s not the employment I am after, it’s just a government investigation. And that’s all the details I told them. We have a saying in Russian: the less you know - the better you sleep.

In a “right to work” state that can cause issues. Sad, but true. No matter how good you are technically…they can cut you without reason. Maintain as good working environment as possible.

The same holds true in any private sector job in which there there is no union contract, irrespective of state. the concept of “Employment at Will” remains supreme!

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