Current Employment Contact / Supervisor

I am wondering if there is any flexibility on whether a current employer needs to be contacted as a part of the investigation process. This is for high risk public trust.

I am currently employed and have not given notice. I would like to be as discreet as possible with my current employer and wait to give notice. Obviously, if they receive a call out of the blue regarding my new role, it is likely that I will be terminated. Given the potential for the clearance process to be extended many months, I am wondering what the best way to deal with this is. Obviously, if a conversation with my current supervisor is required, I will just have to deal with that, but is there any flexibility for people maintaining other employment during the investigation process?



You are warned up front when applying for the federal job/clearance that your current supervisors and employer will likely be contacted (part of the instructions when you enter eQIP or sign your SF85). That is Federalish for, we are going to contact your employer by letter or in person.

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Understood, thank you. I am comfortable with my supervisor and current employer being contacted. It would be ideal to have an idea of when they will be contacted during the process. Can I request this information, or am I just going to have to have the discussion with my current employer sooner rather than later?

I remember being told that you can request they be contacted “last”, but I was unaware how to do that or if it will be honored.

I have never received instructions to contact an employer last in all the years I have been in this field.

Be aware that the process is not concerned that your current employer might be upset.

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Yeah, that’s why I think it was something that was just not a thing. My current employer was one of the 1st judging by when the people I listed told me they got a call.

I warned by current employer ahead of time. He (my boss) was cool with it. Weird still. Them coming to your job and all but I understand its just part of the process.

Well 2 hours and 50 minutes later I am done. I let me BI know if we needed to meet again it cant be at my job. I spent almost hours of my jobs time with the BI. the other hour was during my lunch break.
Only saving grace was she made me feel much better that I mitigated some things on my SF-86 I was worried about and that my clearance should go way faster than I expected.
Otherwise, if my employer came in and fired me I wouldnt blame them I was gone a long time. I was almost too embarrassed to go back to my office I was gone so long lol.

Thanks for the response.

I wonder why they even bother to ask you in the first place – during the application process. Seems nonsensical to me.

The initial USAJOBs application is separate from the background investigation. The first is an HR function, the second a government security function.