SF-86: Reporting past jobs that have since closed


I’m filling out the employment section of the SF-86 and two of my jobs from 8 - 10 years ago (when I was in college) were at restaurants that shut down shortly after I left both jobs. I’m not sure that I could track down the names/contact info of my supervisors and even if I did, I doubt that they would answer if contacted. How should I go about reporting these two jobs? Also, does anyone know if my current employer will be contacted during this process? The reason I’m filling out this form is to obtain a security clearance for a new job that is contingent on me getting this clearance. I have been instructed not to put my notice in to my current job until I have received my interim security clearance. As such, I wouldn’t want my current employer to find out I’ve accepted a new job from someone else. Please let me know, thanks!

I once worked at a location of a company that had closed by the time I had to fill out my next SF-86. I put down the address and contacts as I knew them when I worked there. Never had a problem.

As for your current employer, yes, they will be contacted. In fact the investigator will probably want to speak to your supervisor. This can be awkward to say the least.