Old employers, high turnover

Hello, I’m currently applying for a TS clearance and I have a question about old employers. I’ve read that investigators will visit your places of former employment and interview your old coworkers about you. However, the two oldest places of employment that I listed on my SF-86 aren’t professional jobs and have a high turnover rate; Frankly I’m not sure that many (if any) of my old coworkers are still there. I last worked at these places about 4-5 years ago now, but the supervisors I listed still work there through. Will this slow down my investigation at all? Will the background investigator ask me to provide contact info for old coworkers? I haven’t kept up with any of them, so I’m not sure I can get their contact info on short notice. Thanks.

I had an employer like that. The BI and the manager actually vaguely remember eachother (and don’t get along), apparently he’d visited before for someone else’s investigation. As far as I remember all I needed to provide was manager information, or someone who can verify you/pull paperwork on you.

Happens all the time. Investigators have seen all sorts of stuff. As long as you weren’t the worst employee of all time or shot meth on the job, I think you’ll be fine.

Continue to try and get contact information for people at each activity. Your investigator may later ask you for additional sources and it helps if you already did the homework.

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I have a question. Back in 2014 I did a study abroad in China. I told all the people that were on the trip that an investigator may contact them. The problem I received was none of the people on that trip would help me out. In this case what does a background investigator do?

Define HELP YOU OUT? Did you ask them to say things they are not comfortable with?

I’ve been undergoing background investigations for many years and I don’t think I’ve ever been asked for additional contacts from previous employers, even though some have moved or gone out of business or everyone I know had departed.

On the other hand, I have been asked for more social contacts, people who know me outside of work.

I told them potentially an investigator may contact you in my behalf. May I have your phone number? I asked this question to several of my study abroad fellow students. Complete silence. The only one that would probably would help is in China teaching English.

You gave it your best shot. If people don’t want to be interviewed there is nothing than can be done to compel them. The Investigator doing your background will discuss other avenues to explore.