Reinvestigation question, time

For a T5R or T3R, do they go back to work places like your part time college jobs or other work you already listed and were investigated the first time around? And would I have to dig up coworkers again from those jobs that got interviewed during the first investigation? And for references are they looking for those that go back a long time span or just within the years since your last investigation?

Normally, no… we usually “pick up” where the other case closed. BUT there are exceptions involving issues, continuing activities/engagement, or developed information

Oh yeah absolutely, that makes sense. I was just thinking how about how weird it’d be to go back to those jobs and ask for contact info again given I haven’t seen them in forever and they had to go through the background once already.

Here’s a tip: If you are fortunate enough to have your eQIP pre-populated with your answers from last time, take a moment to delete any information that is no longer “in scope” such as previous employment or residences. Even though it is no longer in scope, if it is on the form then the investigator will probably have to verify it.


The voice of experience


Sadly I’m still young so “in-scope” includes all the aforementioned part time stuff I didn’t want to revisit.

Especially when there are errors or inconsistencies.