Tier 4 Reinvestigation

I left a T5 Federal LEO job this year due to poor management and all the branched out problems that go with that. The management is poor because it’s the last Fed LE Agency with no requirement for a college degree or English proficiency.

Anyway, I’m presently in a T2, but in the process for a T4 Fed LEO. Can someone please tell me what the steps in a T4R are? The pricing for the old PRI was a lot cheaper than a T4R? Trying to avoid a shitty boss’s bad reference… My actual eOPF has nothing bad in it. The old PRI that it replaced didn’t appear to have door knocking boss/neighbor interviews, but the T4R is almost a much as a fresh T5. Again, asking about a T4R, not a T4.

Why do you think you would have a T4R if you never had a T4?

Regardless - your former federal boss will be interviewed for either one.

I thought it would be a T4R instead of a T4 because I have no break in Federal service, and the clearance I’m currently operating off of exceeds a T4.

If the T5 was completed within the past 5 years then a new investigation should not be required since a T5 exceeds all other Tiers. However, some agencies have difficulty understanding reciprocity guidelines and plow ahead with new investigations that are not needed.


That part I understand, but it sounds like even if they took my T5, a T4R would come up on the 5th anniversary of my T5. From what I can tell, T4R may as well be a T5R. I guess I have to decline the job and wait around in a T2 job for a few years. He’ll get mandatory retirement sooner than later.

Just because a boss writes the story on you and not the other way around doesn’t make it accurate.