DoD (TS/SCI) to FBI - T5? T3?

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I am a uniformed member of the DoD, holding a TS/SCI with no issues for the past four years. I just received a CJO (COE) from the FBI, and will be submitting an E-QUIP shortly.

I have never taken a polygraph, and this FBI position requires a full scope poly.
Will this investigation count as a T5 reinvestigation or a T3? Will my secuirty process go quickly becuase I was already investigated once?

I am somewhat lost in the sauce when it comes to this process. It seems that good - non-security risk - folks are stuck in the system, and I am afraid that will be me.


The FBI conducts their own background investigations, so depending on whether they accept the current one under reciprocity it will either by a new T5 or a T5R (reinvestigation).

Does the “tier” system even apply to FBI?

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Thanks Marko. Does SEAD-7 effect me at all?

As a member of the Intelligence Community, the FBI should accept reciprocity, but depending on the position may require a few extra items be done.


Gotcha, thanks again - this is why they pay you the big bucks. :slight_smile:

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