What happens with TS/SCI investigation with DOD and 2nd job that requires Q?

I’ve been in the process for a TS with SCI for a 3 letter agency with the DOD for almost 2 years now since submitting my SF 86. Since I’m not sure I’m going to get an offer, I applied to a job with the DOE that requires Q clearance and I think I’ll get an offer soon. The DOE job also sounds pretty good and with higher pay so I’m definitely leaning towards it. Reading online it seems like there can only be one investigation at a time and that usually the higher one would take the priority but with a TS being the same as Q, I’m not sure what happens.

What happens with the investigation in this case? Can the DOE just use the investigation in progress or do we have to wait for the initial one to finish and that would hopefully be shared with the DOE job? Since it’s been almost 2 years, would they just start a new one for the Q clearance?

Thanks everyone!

Not sure how it would go in your case, but for mine, the DOE and DOJ agencies each did their own investigations and they did not interfere with one another.

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The three letter agency uses their own process while DoE (Q) uses DCSA. You will have no problems for having two BIs at the same time.

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I was hoping they could just take what’s been done and run with it. Thanks for the reply!

If like the comment above said DOE uses DCSA, then yes you will have an issue unless the agency you applied to before themselves does their own. Many are using DSCA now and it is correct, you are not supposed to have 2 open at a time.

But on that issue, it’s been 2 years for your clearance to be processed by DoD ? That is a long time and sounds like they found something they may not have liked.

Have you hat your poly yet?

Yup. Passed poly and psych a year ago. Signed a waiver as well. I really thought I was at the end after the waiver. I kinda wonder if they just filled it with other candidates and now they’re waiting for an opening for me or they got better qualified folks?

Every time I reach out, they tell me no update. And the hiring managers say they’re waiting on security. It’s frustrating.

Dang that’s terrible. I’m sorry. I know the feeling.

So you don’t have an “open” investigation. You will be fine. Your investigation is closed, but the clearance may or may not be adjudicated yet.

I recommend you get your background investigation files and adjudication records. For future ref, ALWAYS do this when you get a new investigation or periodically with CE now.

You may be surprised by what you find. You are probably eligible for TS which means you could work and that will transfer to Q.

I take it you are a nerd in some field other than intel if you are going for DOE? lol

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Yes, and I also wonder if they got an influx of laid off nerds from Google and Meta and thought, maybe put this guy on the back burner for now?

Where do I go to get the background investigation files?

Why? You cant do anything with this, nor will anyone accept your copies of the investigation.

Just to know what or if something ever came up.

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Ok, got it. I wasnt sure how useful any of this info would be.


Actually, the FBI does the DOE BIs. I know bc I used to process them. But you’re correct, there shouldn’t be an issue with 2 BIs going on at the same time under different agencies.

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DCSA, and previously OPM/NBIB, has been doing the Dept of Energy background investigations for at least 24 years. I know, because i do them.

Fair enough. I guess they split them between the two.