I already have a TS/SCI clearance...

So I applied for SCIS late last year and after receiving my conditional offer, my investigation for my TS clearance started in May and I was interviewed by and NBIB SA in June. I understand that this whole thing takes time and I am doing my best to be patient, but my main source of confusion is this: I already have a TS/SCI clearance from the FBI. It is still active and only about a year and a half old as I am still working with the FBI. Why in the world would OPM need to complete another TS investigation on me since the FBI already did one not long ago. I thought these things were supposed to be reciprocal now to save the USG money?
I have talked with the FSO from SCIS about this but she essentially ignores the question and all I’m am told is my status is “investigation pending” and they will contact me when it is complete. Any thoughts? Should I speak with the FSO at the FBI or should I just shut up and wait?
If, hypothetically OPM were to deny me a clearance would my clearance and job with the FBI be in jeopardy? (I’m not worried about this but I am genuinely curious)

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Because a lot of agencies feel the vetting isn’t up to their own standards and continue to have a problem with information sharing, and reciprocity isn’t enforced. Also it takes a lot of leg work for someone unfamiliar with reciprocity.

The same thing would happen if you were going from OPM or DOD to FBI.


Sadly reciprocity isn’t always reciprocal. I cross over DoD clearances all the time. Easy. State? Difficult to say the least and as dates above stated each piece of the pie feels only they possess “whole truth” in their processes and can determine if they trust someone. It is a waste of time, effort and money.