Reciprocity of an Open Investigation?

I am currently working as a contractor with Company A in a contract with the DoD. I have a Secret Clearance (NACLC) that I obtained in 2010. Company A is conducting a T5 (SSBI) investigation that is still open. However, OPM says it’s in the final stages and soon will be sent for adjudication. Now, I have a job offer with Company B to work for a contract with the Customs and Border Patrol. The contract requires me to obtain a CBP BI before I can start. The FSO of Company B informed me that CBP is not going to conduct the BI because they will process a Reciprocity of an investigation. The FSO indicated me the reciprocity wouldn’t be for the Secret clearance because its too old and CBP won’t accept a NACLC investigation, and that I wouldn’t have to wait for the SSBI to be closed either so she doesnt know how CBP will do the reciprocity.


Can I assume CBP will wait for the SSBI to be completed, request a copy of the investigation, and perform their own adjudication?

Would CBP wait for the DoD to issue me their adjudication and then conduct a Reciprocity?

Any information would be appreciated.

Crossing over after clearing is simple. I’ve not seen a cross agency reciprocity for an open investigation…are they both conducted within OPM? Or separate ? I imagine it would be easier if within the same realm. If it is all on JPASS I would think it isn’t too hard, but crossing from one to the other…adds layers of complexity.

I think OPM conducts the investigations for CBP and for the DoD, but I could be wrong. The thing is that I was told by the FSO that CBP won’t conduct the investigation. They will process my case with a Reciprocity of an investigation that I already have. That’s all the information I have so far. I’m just wondering what Investigation it’s going to be used. Because if is the NACLC that is completed should be a lot faster. However, if they are talking about the SSBI it could take much longer because that one is still open. Unless they can use that investigation even if is still open.