Reciprocity issue

Last December, I had a NACI clearance while I completed field work with the Centers for Disease Control. I submitted my SF-85 in October, and started working at one of their secure labs in December. I never received a CAC, because people were out of town for the holidays and everything was moving slowly. I wasn’t ever sure if my security clearance investigation had been completed, but they did let me into their lab and onto their computers, so I assumed it had.

In October, I was offered a government contractor position which requires a NACLC tier 3 clearance. They assumed I would get reciprocity with my previous clearance while the NACLC investigation was ongoing. As far as I know, they never received an answer from DHA if my previous clearance was acceptable, so I have been unemployed for two months now, with my start date pushed back three times. Now I don’t even have a start date until they hear about my NACLC investigation being completed.

Shouldn’t my previous clearance been adequate for reciprocity? I’m unsure how long I should expect to wait for my NACLC investigation to take. Has anyone been in a similar situation?

As I stated to another poster yesterday, lets be clear in our terminology going forward:
NACI = Nonsensitive (SF-85) = no security clearance
TIER 3 = Noncritical Sensitive (SF-86) = Secret clearance

You say you had a NACI done previously, which is what is used to issue a PIV badge or CAC card. That does not meet reciprocity requirements for a TIER 3 (formerly known as a NACLC) investigation needed for a Secret clearance.

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I understand, thank you so much for your response.

Does the NACI I have had previously also not meet requirements for a provisional clearance while the secret clearance investigation is ongoing as well?

Thank you again.

Correct, the interim decision is based on your TIER 3 application and whether they actually requested an interim four you.

Hello, I had a NACLC Secret when I was a contractor, now they are requiring me to get ANACI Secret bc I’m Civilian. I just submitted my SF86. What’s the difference between NACLC and ANACI Secret investigation?

There are no longer ANACI or NACLC investigations. A Secret requires a minimum of a Tier 3 investigation.Previously when you moved into a Federal position the ANACI was required because it sent out written inquiries whereas the NACLC did not.