NACLC and Tier 3

Will current (<10 year old) NACLC investigations remain valid once DOD rolls out the Tier 3 timeline? Or will everyone with an NACLC over 5 years old be required to resubmit for a Tier 3? I seem to remember a memo or something saying this was the case but was wondering if anyone knew. Thanks.

Do I know? I do not. Am I willing to speculate based on too many years of experience with similar issues? Sure.

Folks with the older NACLC will be “grandfathered” in, maybe have to submit a new eQIP, but I suspect it will be like getting a periodic update.

I’ll bet if such a person tried to move to a new position, they would have to get a new investigation. But as long as they stay put it will probably be OK.

Thanks, the reason I ask is that tons of people in the military all have NACLC’s/Secret Clearances and rolling out the Tier 3 timeline is (I imagine) going to make the backlog that much worse. I was curious if once they did it, people with NACLC’s greater than 5 years old would be invalidated overnight and would immediately have to renew, or if it would be a gradual phasing out of still valid but old NACLC’s.

Tier 3’s have been in place for 1 1/2 to 2 years now. What I can say is every request for reinvestigation from the 2016 timeframe is a Tier 3. DoD will always be a considerable majority of any backlog.