Military Security Clearance

Hello Everyone,

 I'm trying to figure out the process of what type of security clearance I would be apply for. I'm planning on enlisting into the army and going in on a ranger contract to attempt to join the 75th ranger regiment. I've heard that all military personal that need a secret  just go through an NACLC for Secret clearence, or is it an MBI(Moderate Risk Background Investigation) or a Tier 4B with a background investigation? I'm not trying to hide or lie about anything just was curious as to what you actually get. Also what are written inquiries to schools and stuff like that? 

Essentially what I’m asking is if it’s a:



Or 4B

Thanks much!

Likely Secret, NACLC and if you make it to the Tab…you will have other opportunities to get a TS based on the position you hold. School records, grades, discipline, attendance are all items to be checked.

Good to know, I take it for those school records that it’s like you mentioned in my other post it will be going back to high school, not middle school or elementary school?

I specify High school at a minimum, nothing prior.