Cleared as a Civ, Transiting to Military

Hello All,

I was granted a full Secret (T3) about a month ago for my job as a civilian contractor working on DOD IT contracts. I recently decided to enlist in the Army for a job that requires the same Secret-level clearance that I already hold. I am mainly curious as to how long this process is going to take again.

I was granted an Interim Secret fairly quickly for my civilian job but it took a long time to get a final. Does any one know if I am going to be re-investigated again for a clearance I already hold? I am doing reserves and need a final Secret to attend my MOS school before I return to my civilian job. Unfortunately, I have heard rumblings that many are waiting around in a “clearance bubble” after basic training before attending the MOS school. Is it possible that this process will be quick for me since I already hold a Final Secret? Will the army just send my current investigation through their CAF for adjudication, or will I be investigated all over again?

Thanks so much!

I don’t know for sure but I suspect that you will have no problem. Your clearance, if it is indeed the same level, should move easily.

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Good luck to you, I am sure it will work out just fine.