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I am in the Military and I already have a Secret clearance. I am soon switching to a job that requires a TS/SCI. Wondering if already having a secret clearance speed up the process for a TS or do they start all over and already having a secret isn’t a factor?

Thank you

I don’t think it will speed up the process. Nothing can speed up this process.

Are you still in the military? I’ve heard of military sometimes getting an interim SCI.


Yes I am still in the military. They won’t let me go to school for my next job until this comes back. That’s why I was asking.

Been a long time since I dealt with this but it used to be that you had to show some kind of “compelling need” to request an interim. I’m afraid that attending a school might not count. But who knows.

Thank you for your response

It seems DoD rapidly gets the Secret clearances. The TS ones take time. Also, depending on how recent your national agency checks were for the Secret, they are likely expired or long in tooth. If it is for an operational job it likely moves somewhat faster than support positions. I have known a lot of military with a CI poly for their SCI, but I also knew many who had SCI and no Poly.

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