Previous SSBI/SCI & Restricted clearances count?

My entire career has been in aerospace/defense, with (prior) SAP/SAR, SSBI/SCI and Restricted clearances, and a currently active DoD Secret clearance. I see a job that I am a career-long expert in that states that an active/current TS clearance is required. Should I apply, hoping that my prior high clearances and extensive highly relevant experience will get their attention, or is it a hopeless cause because I do not have the current TS? There is not doubt in my mind that I am clearable to TS level. Also, do my prior special clearances (10 or more years ago) shorten my clearance update time, or do they have to start all over again? Thanks much.

You have to start over again. I have my clearance and I wanted to upgrade it and the process starts from ground zero. I am now waiting 188 days to get my clearance.

Thank you for your reply.

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The dang military screwed things up when I got out and dropped my TS to a secret. OPM stopped their investigation and I had to resubmit the paperwork in March. Now I have been waiting 189 days but hey who is counting?