Deleted from JPAS, PR is still within 5 years

I have a bit of a different situation (don’t we all :slight_smile: ) and was trying to find someone who’s recently been in the same boat. And by recently I mean 2014 or later, as that would be since the serious slowdown in processing security clearances has occurred.

I had my last TS PR adjudicated in late 2013 (SCI as well). I then left DoD contracting work all together in August of 2014. Naturally, I was deleted from JPAS for non-use (I had that confirmed by an FSO). Last month (September 2017) I was hired into a position by a defense contractor that requires a secret clearance. I did my eQIP right away and it’s been submitted.

My question is on timing and what the odds are that I’ll have my clearance ‘reinstated’ sooner rather that later. The position I’m filling requires a SECRET, but my last adjudication was for a TS. Nothing has changed in my personal situation since I last used my clearance (same wife, kids, no tax or legal issues, etc.).

Is there anyone else who’s left a cleared positon in the past 3-4 years, been deleted from JPAS and has their clearance back?

Thanks in advance…

What I have been told is that if 2 years pass after you left the agency or contractor, you have to resubmit paperwork and go through the investigation process all over again. It doesn’t matter if you had a 5 year TS or 10 year Secret. If 2 years pass that means you no longer have a current clearance. Look under “can my security clearance be reinstated”

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I have successfully crossed over clearances from DoD and DOE to my client up to 5 years past the BI close date, 7 years if they worked for this specific client. A TS is good for 2 years but I see no reason why you wouldn’t be able to cross over at Secret if the TS BI close date was 2013. The adjudication date and the BI close date may vary, but pay close attention to the BI close date. In some cases where the person was close or just over the 5/7 year mark, they requested a new SF 86 for quick review. If nothing was reported on it, they were quickly crossed over. I have also had a few almost 5 years old…that had to start all over again.