Clearance status on JPAS

Since I took a break from the work force for more than 24 months, I assumed my secret clearance has lapse. A recruiter contacted a few days ago about a job that I maybe interested in and I explained to her that I am back in the work force and my clearance situation. So she ask if I can send her my info in order for her check JPAS for my clearance status.

Clearance status on JPAS;

“PSI Adjudication of NACLC OPM, Opened [2015 06 17] Closed [2015 08 26], determined Eligibility of Secret on [2015 09 02) DOD CAF
Interim Adjudication of , Opened , , determined Eligibility of Interim Secret on [2015 06 01) DOD CAF”

According to the recruiter my secret clearance is still valid. Can anyone interpret this info, I would like to get a second opinion on this because in the past I was told that clearance has expired, lapses, etc

Thanks in advance

Nothing there has anything to do with the fact that you have been out of the workforce for over 24 months. In theory your clearance should go inactive at that point but they can, often, be reactivated based on the prior investigation pretty easily. This would be for the FSO at your new company.

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I see… thank you for the quick response. It’s been confusing for me to say the least, but as long it gets me a cleared position I’m cool with that.

Yeah the FSO determines your break in service which is easy to tell in JPAS as to when your last agency “owned” or “serviced” you in JPAS. But The FSO is the one to make the call but if you’ve been out over 24 months the DoD reg says you have to have a new investigation.

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It is possible that your former employer never updated JPAS to indicate that you had left. It happens. In this case, to your benefit.

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