Clearance Upgrade

If I have a Secret and I found a company to sponsor me to get a Top Secret Clearance will the TS take shorter amount of time since I have a Secret clearance? I was thinking since OPM does the investigations they have already put in work to grant a secret clearance. Well I would like to hear from people!

From my understanding and experience, unfortunately, no, it does not help to have a “SECRET” already on file and then go to TS. Your previous SF-86 will certainly be reviewed for issues (if any) found on the previous investigation.

My staff is about 50/50 Secret and TS. It takes about 15 months to go from zero to TS. It takes about 15 months to go from Secret to TS. Only positive from where I work is I can work and pay them for Secret. They get a bit more for TS.

I wish your company can hire me! Lol

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Do you know if the process will go faster or do I have to wait from square one?