DoD secrete and CI Poly

So if you have a DoD Secret with CI Poly, what does that mean? Would it help and put you in a ‘fast track’ for lack of a better word, towards TS? My questions may not make sense, but if anyone who has knowledge could make it clear what is/are the step(s) to go from DoD Secret to TS?
I do know that the manager/director/boss/supervisor provide security( FSO) justification for the upgrade AND the position would have to require TS. I do know this part, but what I don’t know is once you are put for a TS upgrade what else do you need to do?
I do have a T5 BI, a current final Secret and a current CI Poly, all done in the past 3-9 months.
Thank you,

A CI poly for a secret clearance seems unusual for DoD.

Anyway somebody else was on here with a similar question and the consensus from those who know more about it than I do was that the individual would likely have to fill out an SF-86C to update any changed info and then it would be adjudicated for TS.

In theory, at least… :thinking: