Can ROTC Cadre See SF-86 Investigation Findings?


I cannot seem to find the answer to this question anywhere. I am wondering if a TS clearance is denied for someone in ROTC, do the cadre find out why? Or are they just given a yes/no for clearances with the investigation findings kept confidential?

If I am truthful on my SF-86 about something I did while on an ROTC scholarship and my clearance is denied, what happens? Does it simply get denied? Or do the cadre get to know the results of the investigation and why it was denied? If they get to know why a clearance is denied, then I’m done for.

So basically, if I come clean about something on my SF-86 and my TS clearance is still denied, despite good faith to stop said behavior, do the ROTC cadre get to know why it was denied and find out about my behavior?

Likely, yes, they will find out.

They will know that your TS is denied but not why. On you being in ROTC, I understand that you have recieved a TS denial, if you get a Secert denial or simply denied a clearance across the board you will not beable to recieve a commision in the military. So your ROTC/ quest for a commision in the military is probably in jeapody.


Can you speak with certainty on your answer? How do you know? Sorry if that comes off as rude.

I wonder what’s the probability of TS being denied from experimenting with substances 2-3 times while on scholarship with no intent to continue. Younger me made some dumb mistakes. I’m really only concerned with the repercussions of them knowing WHY it was denied, rather than it being denied.

Yes, I know it was stupid.

I’m a retired command sergeant major in the Army you cannot get commissioned if you can not get a clearance you will be dropped from the program. You only need a Secert though to get commissioned so if you can work that then you still have a chance but it will limit you what branch/ career field you will go into not being TS eligible

Do you believe that in the course of the investigation that it will be uncovered that you used drugs?

I don’t think you will be necessarily denied if it was only that many times. You’ll have to explain it and show that you aren’t going to be doing it again.

That being said, surprised you are getting a TS as an ROTC cadet. Usually it is a Secret.