Will a TS denial make me lose my currently active Secret clearance

I am currently in a TS investigation that just started a month ago because my company wants to bump me up for future positions. However I have some debt issues and I am currently in a debt recovery program so not sure if I will get the TS or not.

If for some reason because of that - I get denied the TS - will I lose my currently active secret clearance?

I think you lose everything once you get a denial at any level.

Really that will happen?

It would be highly dependant on your situation.

Were these debts/problems acquired before you got your secret clearance?
Were these reported in your original SF86 and discussed with an investigator at the time?
If these problems happened while you were holding your secret clearance, did you report them to your FSO?

If you are denied a TS by the same agency that granted your Secret, your Secret will be revoked. In most situations your Secret will be revoked even if it’s a different agency that denied the TS.

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Can I just halt/stop this investigation and be able to leave everything the way it is? I don’t even need it for my current job. My company just wants to look better.

No the debts happened after my Secret was granted. My Security Officer said that I should not lose my current Secret if denied the TS.

I worked at a place where a number of people were put in for upgrades. In some cases the process seemed to be running into problems and they were able to withdraw before it went to adjudication. I dont know how that worked except our FSO had an excellent working relationship with the customer and that helped a lot.

So maybe you can do the same thing if your FSO will do it

I have no personal experience with this, but everything I have read is that the adjudication factors are the same for Secret and Top Secret. The difference is with how thorough the conducted investigation is for one over the other. If this is true, then it makes sense that if you are denied the Top Secret, you will lose your Secret. I have definitely read that a denial of a Top Secret will result in a revocation of an existing Secret. If you search the topics on this site, I believe you will find evidence of this.

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I just spoke to the DCSA investigator and he stated that I would not lose my current Secret clearance if for some reason they don’t approve the TS (as it is its own investigation) and the Secret is already granted and active.

Your DCSA Investigator is mistaken.

There’s always an investigator that wants to know it all and doesn’t. They can’t. They are one tiny part of the process. They ask questions and write reports.

Your investigator has misinformed you.

Well, let’s hope my TS goes through - or I need to have it halted. Because if I get denied and lose my Secret - I lose my current job. I don’t even need to have this TS clearance!

Then I might as well have them stop the whole investigation because if I lose my Secret - I lose my job.

Your DCSA investigator is mistaken.

Have you asked your security people about this?

I’ve read the same thing but I have to wonder if there may be additional scrutiny if you are being adjudicated for TS by one of the agencies that does their own adjudication as opposed to a previous adjudication done by DODCAF (or CCF or whatever they were or whatever they are now)

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Your clearance can be revoked at any time when anything is discovered that is a disqualifying factor. So, anything uncovered during the investigation for a TS clearance can absolutely result in revocation of an existing Secret clearance. Clearances are not granted with any kind of promise that they will remain valid until the next required investigation. They are always granted with the condition that the person holding the clearance must remain eligible at all times and that they can be revoked at any time.

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I have been granted my interim TS - waiting on final.

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how big or a role debt plays in getting a secret or TS clearance?