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Hello everyone! I hope you all are remaining safe. I’m trying to make a career transition into Defense & Aerospace and am noticing almost all of the companies that I’m researching required a security clearance of some sort. I’m applying to business development and sales roles.

Through my research there were a couple of items that stood out as being potential disqualifiers for a security clearance, and a I pursue these opportunities, I’d like to ensure a high likelihood of clearance approval should I be fortunate enough to obtain a job offer. Specifically:

  1. Financial - I had a chapter 7 BK over 10 years ago and am currently not in the best financial situation due to job loss and decrease in compensation with current employer. I’m not delinquent on anything that I’m aware, but my DTI is definitely high right now. Will this be an automatic disqualifier?

  2. I had a DUI conviction the same year, over 10 years ago as my bankruptcy (it was a rough year), but do not drink anymore. Given the information shared in reference to the problems associated with alcohol abuse within the DoD and other government agencies, I wasn’t sure if this would kill my chances as well.

  3. I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist for bipolar disorder for several years now and have been on medication. I see her routinely for check-in’s to ensure my healthy mental health.

  4. Lastly, my wife is from Cuba, and prior to our marriage, she had a previous marriage which led to divorce and she dealt with a lot of immigration issues as a result. We’ve been married for over 2 years now and have a son together.

I’m concerned that the combination of these issues would cause reasons to no approve a clearance and I’d hate to be in a situation in which I’m given an amazing opportunity, only to loose it as a result of my past.

Thank you all for your feedback and time in reviewing my questions!

When you say your wife “dealt with a lot of immigration issues,” what exactly do you mean?

1, 2, 3 - Shouldnt be an issue. They may want to see some documentation of your finances, details of the DUI, and have you sign a release so they can talk to the psychiatrist but none of these should be a major problem, particularly since 1 and 2 are ten years in the past

4 - Does your wife have relatives still in Cuba, and does she have contact with them? If so that could be an issue. Not necessarily a disqualifier, depending on the level of clearance, but this issue (foreign contacts) seems to be something that slows the process down a lot.

Keep in mind that many contractors do their own pre-screen for security clearance applicants so hopefully they will have the same opinion that I do.

Just my opinion of course :slight_smile:

Crazyforts, I’m a U.S. Citizen and was born here, so what I perceive as “immigration issues” may just be the normal process with countries like Cuba. The interview processes was fairly extensive and always left her in tears. At one point a member of immigration showed up at our house unannounced to ask her some questions. Perhaps just to confirm her place of residence, but it wasn’t something I’ve dealt with before or was used to.

sbusquirrel, thank you for the response. most of her family is here in the states, but here mother is still there and she does talk to her routinely on the phone. your typical mother-daughter calls, also video calls so she can see her grandson.

If your wife’s mother is still there, that could be an issue depending on what level of clearance, what customer, what program etc. But I know a guy who got a secret clearance even though his own mother still lived in Iran.

Thank you for your insight. I suppose I will have to wait and see if I’m able to make it to that part of the process and disclose that information and hope for the best if that’s the case. I appreciate your time.

I predict a slower path to clearance, but nothing is insurmountable. Those items outside 10 years fall off unless under a “have you ever” question. Focus on finances to maintain the best FICO you can. It isn’t about FICO but that is a relevant measuring stick. Down to a 650 FICO your chances of clearing if there are no other issues is close to 96%. Below 600 it drops to about 30%. The med issue is not an issue, I commend you for counseling and seeing the doctor. If it is controlled it is not an issue. Spouse from Cuba…will be the slow boat. But it too is not a show stopper.

Thank you for your response. I know there are some things that will be out of my control when it comes to a Clearance but your feedback, as well as others, has given me a more positive outlook on things. Thanks again.

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