I'm Back and I Have a Question

Hello all . . . Yes, I’ve been away for months . . . Not at all Covid related. But, I have moved out of the cleared world for the time being. I doing some contract IT work for a bank.

But, this question came to me through another source and the person asking it did not want to post it here.

What we have is a long time employee of a DoD contractor. She has been cleared for over 30 years working for the same company. Several years ago she had some financial problems but managed to maintain her clearance after an appeal and a lot of work.

She is recently divorced and has a 19 year old daughter living with her. Her daughter has had a number of mental health issues including two hospitalizations for an eating disorder. She has also had drug problems. Mostly marijuana but she has recently had a spate of traffic violations (102MPH on an interstate) and cocaine possession bust.

Is this person’s clearance at risk because of her daughter’s behavior?

Hey Ed, this is separate from your question so I apologize for using your old post. You seem very knowledgeable about the clearance process. So my situation is last month I was charged with DV by my cohabitant which I feel I did not commit. Self reported the incident immediately to my FSO. Hired a lawyer, abided with the PO in place, cooperative with courts, taking a class currently and doing everything I can. My case after it was reported triggered a reinvestigation which I wasn’t expecting but none the less I completed the SF-86 again as they had asked and reported everything. 2+ years ago I had some traffic related issues such as reckless driving by speed which was reduced to a speeding ticket and 2 minor prepaid infractions. I had reported those incidents at the time and the end results. I have never been accused, charged or convicted of any type of violent crimes before. I haven’t been convicted of anything at all. My clearance will be sent to an adjudicator at some point. I wanted ask you and maybe you don’t have personal experience in this but maybe some advice. What is the likelihood of if everything gets resolved (no convictions or pending charges) would my clearance be revoked? It’s a pending misdemeanor charge. How would an adjudicator tell the difference between my story vs hers? It’s a he said she said type scenario so I had provided literally everything to the investigator and have fully complied with everything they asked. Any advice would be appreciated or by anyone who wants to weigh in.