Dismissed Sexual Assault

Over 5 years ago I was accused of a SA which was dismissed and never went to court. It was originally reported by a mandatory reporter not by the “victim”. It was a total mess and horrible 8 months of my life which I had to put to rest as it ended with her signing off vs perusing going to court also her words were “I never meant for it to go this far “ after destroying my life. I was surprised it was brought to light during the interview and I was asked for contacts on it. How hurtful is this to my clearance (have secret and trying to obtain TS)? My commander happily spoke with the investigator and advised me I was a excellent candidate. It’s very scary as I have a lot on the line for this clearance. I also had a DUI over 12 years ago which is not reportable but was spoken on but no other negatives.

First, every DUI is reportable. That is one of the ever questions and you need to report that with every SF86 submission unless the question changes.

Second, did you report you were charged with sexual assault? It appears you didn’t because you said you were surprised. The police record section requires reporting any arrest/charge, etc within the last 7 years other than traffic infractions under $300 not involving alcohol or drugs. Sexual assault is not a traffic infraction.

Good luck with your adjudication.


Understood, I took the charged portion as going to court. I explained the reasoning of my mistake as I’m not trying to hide a dismissed charge but I understand that was my mistake. Hope it doesn’t cost me the clearance as like I said a lot is on the line for it.

Any update on your clearance? I’m in a similar situation and was wondering how yours went?

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