Discussed charge and an article 15

Hello all.

I have 2 to things that will come up in a security clearance investigation.

  1. An article 15 in 2006 for suspected marijuana use. This resulted in a general discharge, under honorable conditions. Never popped on a test. Just hearsay, and I took the GD in lieu of a court martial.

  2. In 2019 I was arrested for domestic violence. Ultimately, I completed a diversion program, including counseling, the case was dismissed, no conviction, and it’s been expunged. Wife and I had an argument. Still together, life happens.

I know this all will come up during a clearance investigation. I’m looking at a DOD engineering position, contingent with obtaining a secret clearance. Anyone have any thoughts or similar experiences?

This isn’t against you, but there are a lot of people with DV charges in the clearance world I’m noticing.

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Not my best moment. No one was hurt. Bad argument. Anyway, just wondering if anyone has had success with comparable circumstances in getting a clearance.

Investigator here. Usually we like to see 5 years since the incident (the DV charge) What works in your favor is that you 1) completed a program and 2) charges were dropped. The investigator will fully discuss this incident including what led to it, what happened, and a step by step walk through of the events and results. The more detailed information you can provide the better. Meaning dates, court names and addresses, etc. It can be painful we realize that, but we are looking to get a whole picture.

I cannot say for certain that you’d be cleared, but I have had folks with similiar situations who are holding clearances.

Good luck. Oh and don’t be surprised if the investigator requests names and contact number of people who are aware of this incident. They may want to also speak to your spouse.

Also an investigator and “we” do not like to see anything as we are not adjudicators and we don’t make those decisions. Just be prepared to tell the truth and provide lots of details.


Understood. What about the general discharge?

There will be additional questioning concerning the general discharge as there is with ANYTHING other than honorable. You will have to answer all the who, what, where, when, and why’s. Then it will be up to the adjudicator. - just a investigator

Also an investigator, and yeah, there is absolutely to “timeline” of how many years have passed since anything. That is 100% up to the adjudicator. We just take the information you provide and put it in a report to send to them. I will agree that the important parts of both scenarios that you listed are that you disclosed them on your SF86, you have as much information on hand as you can (person you dealt with, POC and full address of the program you went through, names, addresses and phone numbers of people who are aware, etc).