DV charges dismissed

I just wanted to know can past, dismissed dv charges affect your secret clearance? Whatt do you think?

The fact that they were dismissed is not really that important. The reasons for the dismissal (victim recanted, etc.) can be. The investigator is going to be interested in what happened more than the results.

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So it’s not an automatic disqualification? That’s my concern. If he’ll be interested in what actually happened, then I shouldn’t be worried about it.

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Yes it is not uncommon for a spouse to spitefully make an accusation and then pull it back with regrets…or let it stand and you suffer the stigma of fighting it. Normally history can speak to how much credibility there is. As Ed stated it is the actual circumstances not a dismissal or pleading down that matters.

Ok. Thanks Amber. Anybody know what it means when a company cages your clearance?