Public Trust, Generally Freaking Out

I got hired by a company that does Fed contracting. When I was in the Air Force (25 years ago), I was discharged for misconduct with a General - Under Honorable Conditions.
I remembered that I had used a CC for personal purchases and that was the reason for my discharge. So, that’s what I put on my eQIP.
When I had an interview, they had notes that I did not know about (I tried to get whatever documentation I could from the records department). Evidentially I was habitually missing payments and was reprimanded a few times. I told the investigator that I simply didn’t remember the details (which is true). The investigator asked if I disputed any of it and of course I didn’t. It makes a whole lot more sense on why I got discharged! However, I’m afraid they’ll think I was being dishonest, when in reality, I simply ignored that event in my life and moved on.
I have fair credit now, no criminal background, two credit issues that I took care of when they occurred, but I’m generally freaking out about the whole thing.
I realize it is a “whole life” look, and that makes me feel better, but only momentarily.

If this is the entirity of your concerns, I would not miss any sleep. Does not, with what you provided, appear to be a show stopper.

The passgae of time, without repeated behavior is the biggest mitigator.

25 years ago is a long, long time.

The Investigator asked you about it because we are required to, don’t read too much into it.

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Thank you very much for the response. There is one other wrinkle, I had a TS clearance at the time. I requested records from the national archives about anything relating to a revocation or statement of reason (again, because I didn’t remember) and there were no records founds, so on my eQIP I said “No” to ever having a clearance revoked/barred.
It also did not come up in the investigation, so I think I did that right. I’m 99% sure that taking the discharge as punishment avoided that path as I’m fairly confident my clearance was administratively closed and not revoked.

If you had a clearance denied or revoked, it would have more than likely been brought up by your Investigator.