Background Info Reject Eligability?

I have an opportunity for a position requiring a Q clearance. I’ve made not so smart decisions in the past, which I regret, but I wish to know if these items will be cause for denial of clearance. I believe they very well may. Mistakes made:
Arrested Nov 1981, Alameda, CA – Defrauding the government. Collected monies for being married while in US Navy and not married, repaid funds, honorably discharged.
Arrested May 1995, Newark, NJ – Possession of unregistered firearm. Pretrial Intervention, fined and released.
Arrested Dec 2002, Dover, DE – Auto accident, charged with DUI, convicted of Reckless Driving. Fined and completed driver training school.

Though it is all in my past & nothing like it since. I’ve also held clearances for commercial nuclear power plants since 1981, which is I believe equivalent to an L clearance. Input please.

The red-flag is the firearm charge. Some agencies are going to take that far more seriously than others. The others are 15 and almost 40 years old. They won’t matter. I’m pretty sure that none of will matter but, like I said, it depends on the agency and the position.

Thank you. I had forgotten it was in my bag at the airport due to being in a big hurry, no excuse just facts. Job is for DOE LANL.

You forgot that you had an unregistered firearm in your bag when you went to the airport? Was the gun actually unregistered? They are going to ask questions.

Very few states require registration of firearms. I currently have a CCW, but none of my firearms are registered, there is no requirement. Yes, I was in a hurry and did not think clearly, but I paid the fine and nothing more happened.

Excellent place to work at. Do keep us updated.

These dated are quite old and an investigator may look at the spacing between them and wonder what you were NOT caught at… can you put these down to the glorious days of a misspent youth? I can tell you I had worse in my background with the last incident of mine being 11 years before getting a Secret and I received a TS 3 years after that.