Offer contingent on Background check

I know a lot of us have the same question, ie, can I get clearance X if I have Y condition/situation. It’s tough because the rules don’t seem to be hard and fast. They seem interpretive based on each case. Also it seems like whatever one searches for, no result quite matches your own situation close enough to ease your mind. I’m no different, so I’m gonna ask.

I’ve been offered a job at Los Alamos National Laboratory. It will require a Q clearance. I’ve not filled out the SF-86 yet. Just a form 1817 background investigation request. That form asks very little in the way of crime. The only two questions are whether you’ve been convicted of a felony and if you’ve been party to diversion that would prevent a felony from being on your record. I answered no to both because I don’t have nor ever been accused of a felony.

In 2022 I did get a class B misdemeanor though. That’s the lowest in my state. Disorderly conduct was the guilty plea I gave in exchange for a fine and 6 months unsupervised probation which ended in June. The verdict and plea are dismissed/sealed next month and won’t be on my record anymore. I know there is no “sealed” in background checks and I plan to disclose it on the 86 regardless. There was no arrest, and the state attorney declined to prosecute. The complainant used the mayor of the rural town I lived in to have his wife, the city attorney, to prosecute at the municipal level. I had since relocated and agreed to the plea to avoid the trip back for court when I’d just begun with a new employer. Apart from a couple traffic stops, I’m clean. No nefarious ties to anything, credit in the high 700’s and 803 at trans union.

Am I screwed?

I wouldn’t think so, unless there are any other red flags and time + behavior change has not happened.