Got offered a new job SEcret Clearance needed have misdemeanor offense from 04061998

Hi All,
I have a job offer Secret Clearance is required its a contract role.The company who is hiring me wanted to run their own background check .I got a letter in the mail today from the Background check people. I had a charge Drunk in Public in 04062018 misdemeanor .SO that was 20 years ago exactly I just received the letter now since then I have had a full Full BI scope investigation and was granted a Public TRust with the Social Security Administration plus US Customs and Border and the TSA and clearance was granted no issues . I work in I.T .Again the Contracting company ran this BI before they will proceed to sponsor me for a Interim Secret Clearance what are my chances.?


MAry .

Did you disclose the drunk in public charge on prior sf-86? Alcohol related offenses are an ‘ever’ question I believe. If you’ve disclosed it on past sf-86’s and there are no other issues present - you’d get a clearance, no problem.

Dave i filed out firstly my company’s background check did only ask for my social did not ask about anything criminal background .I have to pass the company’s bi to move onto to fill out the sf86 form .Question is will my company think I am not of good character .It was 20 years I have since had full inscope investigation with Cbp and tsa … charge was in Alexandria the background check found in the national criminal database … advice appreciated I don’t even drink caffeine …

Something so minor that occurred 20 years ago will have no bearing on your clearance as long as you are honest about it and have been honest on past clearance paperwork (sf-86).

**okay but I still have to pass my company’s initial screen I did my drug test saturday I have had no issues for 20 years parking tickets nothing squeaky clean **** perfect credit etc even paid off my 6 year car loan in 2 and a half years :blush:…My worry is ****that my company may think I am ****not ****clearable :disappointed: its a contract role … ****.I think I am going to the Alexandria police tomorrow they said i have to pay 10 dollars to pull my record… **

What’s retreiving your record going to solve? Trust me, something minor and such a long time ago is a non-issue.

I am just worried yes it was from 1998 I know but I worry … I was Drunk in Public and yes I was

Thanks dave I just want this new role so much and I feel bad for having a record …

Based on the information provided, I do not think anyone can answer that question for you because you did not reveal the company and each company has its filters.

As for your specific case, it didn’t sound like you had clearance. Public Trust is not a clearance. So, you may have filled out SF-85 instead of SF-86 in the past. Did you list the charge then in accordance to the questions?

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I agree with @dave019 that this shouldn’t be a problem based on information provided, especially if you previously disclosed this information.

However, I beg to differ. I am a believer of “the best defense is offense”. So, I certainly advise you to get your records (not just this, but your full record). Also, you need to see what were you originally charged with and what was the outcome. Regardless, be truthful and let the process takes care of itself.

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@AWoodhull - good point, a company may pre screen her out. I find that very unlikely given the circumstances but it could happen I suppose…

no i filled out the eqip yes 85p for cbp so hmm

on the eqip I just filed out 3 weeks ago yes I disclosed yes I disclosed it in the ever section… But still worried