Just applied for secret security clearance

I know this has been discussed a lot here so please forgive me for asking. But I just got an offer as a computer scientist for a government job that requires secret clearance. One problem, I have a 13 year old felony (I was a dumb 18 year old). The charge was burglary, no prison time, just probation and community service. Clean record since, got expunged, got certificate of rehabilitation from state, got bachelors degree.

I just finished my EQIP and submitted after I accepted the job offer.

Anybody have any experience with a situation like this? I’m so thrilled to get this job offer and am terribly worried I got my hopes up for nothing because of my past mistake. Do you think I will get interim and eventual secret clearance? I’ve been reading a lot of mixed info on the internet but this forum seems to have knowledgeable people on it.

Any experience/advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Experience in this area? This is more common than you think, at least it was not a drug/alcohol/sex crime…

Report the event, to include that it was expunged on the SF86. You have mitigating factors and if you had no similar issues since this incident, you should be fine.

The worse decision would be to omit the information then have the investigation confront you with the information during an interview.

The interim is up in the air. This was a non-violent felony, as a youth, over ten years ago… you never know with the interim.


Thanks for the reply man. I’m hoping for the best :+1::+1:

Agreed with previous advice, issue is mitigated by time and no recent similar activity.

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Just thought I’d post an update; interim was granted. I’m so relieved.

How long did it take to get your interim granted?