Interim clearance, old felony

Long time reader, first post

I am currently going thru the process of getting a final offer on a Navy civilian job. Filled out the OF 306, was completely open on the SF 86, and submitted the fingerprint card.

I have a felony conviction for computer fraud from ten years ago, five years probation, no jail. Turned my life around, completed probation, went back to college and got a degree. FOS asked me to get a copy of my criminal dispensation for the packet to OPM.

The job description on USAJOBS did not mention a specific clearance necessary so I am figuring the SF 86 was mainly for suitability. I figure suitability will not be an issue from all I have read. Anybody got odds on whether or not an interim clearance will be approved if it is needed by my potential position?

Fingers crossed.

If you applied for an IT position then it is an ADP I or II position which means you do not need a clearance, but have access to sensitive information systems. That is why you had to fill out the SF-86. Anything that happened 10 years ago with nothing since then is mitigated by time and rehabilitation by completing probation terms and having a successful work history since then. Nothing to worry about.


Tentative offer was rescinded due to “failure to meet the pre-employment requirements of the position”

Really confused considering the USAJOBs job posting stated that “Security Clearance : Not Applicable”

It sounds like the position required eligibility for assignment to a sensitive position and/or access to classified information, which if that was the case then IAW the Bond Amendment, anyone convicted of a felony cannot be granted a clearance without a waiver.

Wrong. The Bond Amendment only applies if one was sentenced to imprisonment for over a year AND was incarcerated for over a year. Being dishonorably discharged also requires a waiver but my military service resulted in an honorable discharge.

You are correct about the year of incarceration, so regarding your situation I would try and get as much information as possible from your contact to determine exactly why you did not meet pre-qualifications. For specific positions like, e.g. IT there may be additional standards that they used.