Dui 11 years ago

Hi, Thank you for your time and clarification.

I had a dui in 2010 , no accident or injury, and was in county jail for the weekend 3 days as I was then on H1 visa , pleaded guilty , the case is now dismissed.

Recently I have become a USA citizen , I am not confident on applying to security clearance jobs as this might be cause for rejection, am in technology industry which will not require driving.

Over the period of 11 years , god’s grace I have not received any other traffic offense.

Please let me know if will be cause for rejection of clearance.

Thank you

Make sure you have fullfiled all court ordered obligations classes, fines, etc. and that your case is closed and completed. Report it all when asked if you have ever been charged with an offense involving alcohol or drugs and it should not be a problem. You made a mistake, completed your sentences/fines, learned from the mistake, naturalized into a sole US citizen and are now ready to serve your new country. Good luck to you!

If that’s the only issue then it should not be a problem. Just note that you will need to list the original charges, even though they were dismissed. That trips some people up.

Thanks sbusquirrel , yes sir , I have in past listed all charges and will do so in future as well. :pray:

Thanks Weeble , your response provided confidence.
Yes Sir, I have fullfiled all the obligations , classes , fines.
Can you please provide any input if you can have , where i can start . Any guidance , being a first timer , am trying to gather the resources. sorry if this is too much to ask. I am also looking into it.


Requesting a full copy of your court record or viewing it digitally can help you gather all the details about your case and report them as best as possible.