SF86 and Incident over 30 years ago

Hi, all, first timer. I have a conditional job offer with a contractor for the Navy, and just submitted my SF86. 31 years ago (1987!), I plead guilty to a DUI. License revoked, etc.

The only thing since then was a speeding ticket more than 20 years ago.

My ‘People I Know Well’ are folks I have know a long time, two of them are Knights of Columbus with me, tons of charity work, former Boy Scout Leader - my son is an Eagle Scout.

I’m just looking for opinions on whether the DUI from 31 years ago is going to cause an issue - will it lead to extra scrutiny.

Thanks for whatever you folks can help with!

Have not a care in the world. It is far outside the 10 year look back, unless it was a felony conviction. If not a felony, don’t put it down. I do recommend speaking it to the background investigator. I expect hey will see it. Always better to report it and have no issue than for them to feel they asked if you ever were arrested…and you mislead. I have been able to clear people with 2 DUI’s within the past 10 year.

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Thank you, I looked at several posts on line in other forums, and folks there, universally said it was best to report it, especially since, in that particular section, they ask if you have EVER been… and they did capitalize EVER.

I have already submitted the SF86, so, having said yes, and the result being I plead guilty (as they suggest as an answer) you don’t think I have anything to worry about?

Thanks very much for your insights!

You were correct in listing it as all alcohol offenses need to be listed regardless of felony vs misdemeanor as stated above. You will have to discuss it in your interview and answer some additional questions regarding alcohol usage.