Another SF86 Past Drug Use Question

I’ll keep this short.

I took one hit of a marijuana cigarette on Halloween Oct of 2013. I was 27 years old. That puts it about 5+ going on 6 years ago. I’m 33 now. Last time I have/will ever touch any illegal substance. I don’t have an excuse. My credit is above 800. I don’t drink, no arrest history, no legal troubles, no nothing other than some basic traffic infractions after close to 20 years driving. Nothing to hide. This is the only thing giving me consternation.

I am curious what you all think of me being able to pass a Public Trust Critical-Sensitive background. Has there been enough time to mitigate this use? I believe they use the SF86 for this background.

Thanks all!

You will have no problem with a public trust . . .

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I don’t see an issue even though the age is somewhat higher than usual tolerance. My applicants usually require 3 years no use if they are over 24. I think you will be fine.

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Thanks for the response. I guess while I’m at it I have one more question. I am curious. Does the agency that you are applying for see every answer on the SF86 or do they only get a determination from the BI that the applicant has passed or failed the background?

Thanks again!

The BI has no say whatsoever as whether or not you “pass” your background check. The investigator investigates. They gather information and research what they find that might go deeper. They then pass the information that they have gathered on to an adjudicator who will assess this file and make a determination. The SF86 is part (the beginning) of the gathered information and will be included with the file that is passed on for adjudication. So, the information on your SF86 is passed on.