Public Trust and Marijuana


I’ve been offered a position contingent upon me passing a background check. When I was in college (two years ago now) I sold a little weed to some friends and I’m worried that this might keep me from obtaining the PT clearance. I have since moved out of state and have no interactions with any drugs since then.


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Smoking alone would have been much better than dealing . . .

A “background check” isn’t likely to turn up anything that you didn’t have law enforcement interaction over. If that’s all that they are doing, you shouldn’t have a problem. If by “background check”, you mean that you need a security clearance, it’s a different issue.

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Thanks for the quick response @EdFarmerIII.

I will have to fill out an SF85p for my public trust. It’s for a bank examiner position with the OCC. Start date is set for June 9th and they say we don’t even fill out the form until mid-end of May. Should I proactively reach out?

Others here are more familiar with the 85p . . . I would wait for them to weigh in. I’m not sure what you will need to report there.

Yeah, I know that it asks a similar question as the 86 (in the past seven years have you bought, produced… drugs) and that’s where the yes comes in. Just not sure how that’ll affect me in the realm of public trust.