Am I being paranoid?

Hello all,

So, I’m on the final stages of a B.I. for TS, I was honest on my sf86 regarding past Marijuana use. I used occasionally when I was 15 and 16, quit for a while and used occasionally when I was 20-23. I think there were maybe a handful of times about 5 years ago as well. Been clean ever since, I am 33 now.

It didnt require me to list it on the sf86, but I was arrest when I was about 22 for a warrant for traffic infractions. I told my Polygraph examiner about the arrest and he said it’s not a big deal. I passed my Polygraph exam, btw. I also had my license suspended about 8 years ago.

Also, when I initially filled out the sf86 online, I didn’t take my time like I should have and forgot to list an old employer that I did part-time work for like 2 months and also a short-term address–I have the information to provide my background investigator when we meet.

I’m kind of paranoid about it all, really. I have excellent credit and great employment history. Does anyone think I might have a problem?


You are being paranoid. No really, you shouldn’t need to worry. You passed the polygraph and that is the big hurdle. An old arrest or few times of marijuana use will not disqualify you. I had all of those things and more, and horrible credit, and was still granted a clearance. I’m sure you are in the “adjudicative” phase now, and it’s just a matter of time before you clearance is granted. I wouldn’t worry about it, it won’t change the outcome.

Okay, thank you for the info. The job is for CBP, I don’t know if that makes a difference or not. I know they are picky. I do not like hiding things from people, but there’s just something about someone digging so hard into my past that makes me feel unsettled.

I once applied for CBP a few years ago, the background portion took 16 months and when I got to the poly, I didn’t pass. Never got an offer. Good for you for passing the poly.